Enabling Partner Growth and Success

Collaboration is the Next Trend

We believe in Win-Win-Win. Win for customer, Win for partner, and Win for us. It is only when everyone wins that our business keeps growing and sustaining.

KS-OS is ready to share our technical resource and expertise with our partners who know their customers much better than us. Our partners will be able to focus their time on customers while we take care of maintaining highest quality of technology and innovation. Collaboration is the keyword for next decades to come.

Reseller Programs

1 Regular Reseller

Our goal is to always improve our customers' experience. We are always up to date with the latest technology, and keep up with the tools needed to help our customers achieve their personal or business goals. By operating in our own data center and managing all our hardware, we are sure to meet any customer's demands and needs. We offer scalable, reliable, and professional service.

2 White Label Reseller

More partners want to start their own service, i.e. under their own name. Our infrastructure responds to this trend and has enabled hundreds of white label resellers.